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Transforming Uganda through Creativity and Innovation

Uganda launched a masterplan to transform the country into a modern and prosperous nation by 2040. To achieve its vision in education, Uganda plans to accelerate government reforms in the education system and the curriculum to obtain a globally competitive human resource with skills relevant to the development paradigm. Having already changed the landscape of education in Botswana, Lesotho, eSwatini and Sierra Leone, Limkokwing University is set to equip the youth of Uganda with industry-relevant skills that will help in achieving Vision 2040.

Empowering Ugandan
Youth with 21st Century Skills

Despite technological advancements, human creativity remains an in-demand skill in many of the world’s largest and most innovative companies. This is why global firms look for creative individuals with the ability to design and develop solutions that meet emerging market trend. Under the guidance of industry-experienced lecturers and academicians, Limkokwing Uganda graduates will harness the full potential of their talent and creativity and possess the expertise to introduce creations and innovations that will bring about transformation in Uganda.

Leading in TVET Innovation

Limkokwing University is a Global TVET Model University and is recognised for its delivery of industry-relevant programmes. It cultivates strong partnerships with the world’s top brands in order to maintain a dynamic industry-relevant curriculum focussing on the development of skills and experiences that prepares students to face real world expectations. Our global graduates are ensured of a smooth transition into new and exciting high-income careers anywhere in the world.

Pathway to Global Career Excellence

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Pre-University Foundation Programme

1 Year Certificate

Year 1 Degree Programme

Year 2 Diploma

Year 2 Degree Programme

Year 3 Advanced Diploma

Year 3 Degree Programme

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